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Edwina Shrimpton Da Luz, Llb, Bptc, Lawyer

€1.00: per hr
Location: Lagos


Edwina Shrimpton da Luz works from offices in Lagos, in the Algarve, and provides legal representation throughout the Algarve. Offering a full range of legal services dedicated to all branches of law, Edwina’s priority is providing a high quality service that engenders trust. It is important to her that clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with clear communication, and through experience she has found that regular client contact and updates on progress are essential to reducing any unnecessary stress for clients when it comes to legal proceedings.
Edwina is qualified as a lawyer in Portugal and as a barrister in the UK and, as a dual citizen, is fully fluent in both English and Portuguese. Her English qualifications enable her to work with both local and foreign clients, and her experience of working in the UK helps her to understand and meet the level of customer care that British clients may be accustomed to.
Please feel free to contact her via her website: http://edwinashrimptonlawyer.com/

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